PITCH: Charly (Rudi Køhnke) is looking for his American girlfriend, Amy (Louise Cho), who disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a vacation stay at a hotel in Europe. As the police have yet to uncover Amy and the truth about her whereabouts, Charly decides to revisit the hotel to finally solve the mystery once and for all - IMDB



Our mission is to make a dense & bloody - yet highly stylised, psychological horror-thriller inspired by MANDY (Cosmatos), THE NEON DEMON (Refn), THE SHINING (Kubrick) and the works of Lars Von Trier. Simply put: to make the best and most interesting horror-thriller in recent Danish history of filmmaking thus giving the Danish horror-genre a boost and hopefully a well deserved revival - ALL within a 60.000 USD budget!

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With amazing performances from lead actor Rudi Køhnke & Siff Andersson (picture), but also the other actors! A crushing, dark & tight electronically oriented sound track with special guest star Julian Winding (The Demon Dance / The Neon Demon), a crisp in-your-face sounddesign and a gritty, yet beautiful and colourful color grading from the awesome Norman Nisbet (The Neon Demon, Melancholia etc.) - HOPEFULLY our impact will be a movie experience you won’t forget for quite a while!

Photo: Wilfred Gachau

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Besides Jesper Isaksen who directed the movie (picture), we’ve been fortunate enough to have had a great team on board when shooting VICTIM OF LOVE, but our post-production team is awesome as well. We’ve handpicked the most important key members of the production and post-production and asked them to give their view on VICTIM OF LOVE and as a bonus we’ve asked them some other very nice & enlightened questions - so go ahead and read more!

Photo: Wilfred Gachau

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The Company

The company behind VICTIM OF LOVE is called BLEED FOR THIS PICTURE (BFTP for short), but Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Danish Film Directors & private investors have made sure, we’ll reach our goal. Next up: finding the right distribution company that can unleash the film to movie theatres around the world & awesome festivals and later on - streaming!

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A few articles have already been written about VICTIM OF LOVE, but many more is on the way, but read more and hopefully in the future some of the articles will be from the mighty USA as well and not just in this very strange & Nordic language that Danish is - even though VIKINGS might have broadened the understanding of the Scandinavian languages!

february 2019

“I cannot think of a Danish film ever that reminds me of this” says selfmade director, who is working on a directorial feature film debut with Rudi Køhnke

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Our high end concept


Victim of love has been shot on RED EPIC X in 5K with 20, 35, 50 Sigma Cine Primes lenses.


Victim of love has been edited on Final Cut X on a custom made powerhouse of a MacPro, (not the “trashcan"), but by utilising the space in the massive tower of one of the old legendary, silver coloured MacPro’s and then equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and 40 TB storage in Raid 4.


Victim of love has been color graded using the powerful tools of Blackmagic/DaVinci Resolve with a BARCO projector.

PRO TOOLS & Logic Pro X

The sound design has been made in Pro Tools & the sound track in Logic Pro X.


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