Bleed For This Picture

BFTP is short for BLEED FOR THIS PICTURE and is the brand new company behind the upcoming Danish feature film VICTIM OF LOVE starring Danish power house actor RUDI KØHNKE in the role as “CHARLY” - see more on Rudi Køhnke at IMDB

My name is Jesper Isaksen (born 1975), I’m a self-educated D.I.Y. film director, writer, editor, color grader and producer and the founder & owner of the independent Danish film company Bleed For This Picture. I was born and raised in Jutland but currently living in Copenhagen (Denmark) and have been for the past 20 years. Bleed For This Picture is my 2nd company. My first company, called 9mm Film, spawned among others the short films NO EXIT & NO EXIT 2 - RISE AGAINST.